How to Maximize Simple Home Design

How to Maximize Simple Home Design

If we talk about simple homes we often imagine a minimalist home in the true sense, which is narrow and made of cheap material. Today, the simplest terms in the home are not about size but related to practical and functional concepts, etc. Practical and functional concepts that are then poured in a simple home design.

Variety of simple homes

The simple house itself is definitively not standard because everyone has different simple standards. If it refers to the current developers on average they distinguish various types of simple homes based on size and number of rooms, for example:

1. With one room, usually the choice of people who still live alone. The price is quite affordable because of its size is not too broad.

2. With two rooms, the type of house that is chosen with a wide and varying prices.

3. With three rooms, the choice of those who have a family with prices and a more varied area.

There are many examples of simple modern homes that can be your reference in building or defining the concept first. For example, which is very popular today is a simple house design mixed with traditional style.

Generally minimalist / simple design has characteristic of widened room, by reducing the use of bulkhead and increasing and increasing function of every existing furniture. While traditional houses have typical furniture or furniture that is luxurious, sturdy and dark in color, especially chocolate from varnish. Traditional houses also usually take a lot of traditional carvings and ornaments.

When combined, and combine the two designs will create a dualistic concept that gives the impression of simple but luxurious home design. On one side of the house will look spacious, and on the other hand the use of traditional items make it look antique and classy. Goods or furniture will usually be made in such a way as to be more multifunctional.

Before dropping a selection on one of the simplest home design examples, the following considerations can guide how to maximize a simple home to suit your needs and style.

How to maximize a simple home?

1. Home Style

This will determine the overall look of the house. If you want to build with a minimalist style, then choose a floor plan for a minimalist home, too, if you want to build a classic style, design according to the concept, as well as the style of mediteranis, traditional style, Also align the interior with your overall.

2. Number of rooms

Be clear about the number of bedrooms needed for your stay. Adjust the number of family members and the frequency of guests who come to stay. Two rooms will not be enough for you who have many children and relatives who often come to visit.

3. One or two floors

Determine the number of floors of houses generally adjusted to the land area. Consult with experts to get maximum results and effective for each room, especially for a one-story house. When the house level, then you will have more space for the bedroom and other space.

The level house in the picture above can be an inspiration of a simple two-story house but very chic and modern-looking. Another inspiration, you can find here.

4. Simple Garden

The appearance of a simple house will look luxurious if supported with a beautiful garden arrangement. Especially for you who live in urban areas, has a garden at home is a luxurious facility that makes you can relax on the porch.

The concept of the park can adjust to the style of the house as what you will stretcher. If you are lucky to have a large area of ​​placing grass in most areas of the park could be an option. An example is the RVB PAYSAGE masterpiece above. With the humble home style can bring luxury in beautiful landscapes.

But if you do not have enough land, putting some plants on the terrace of the house and indoor garden decor is the solution.

5. Additional space

Additional space can be a room for washing, storing goods or even for entertainment. The most important thing is to consider cooking to provide this room because if not effective will only make the house seem narrow. It seems very irrational if you want to make a special room for playing games, you have to sacrifice the comfort of doing other basic things.
6. Bathroom
It is important to think about when to build a house. It is very unpleasant to queue especially in the morning with children and husbands just to bathe or toilets just because there is one bathroom in the house. Think of the number of bathrooms, then place them in strategic locations such as near the bedroom or behind the kitchen.

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