Wooden House with Smart Storage Space Strategy!

Wooden House with Smart Storage Space Strategy!

Concrete houses in urban areas are very annoying and on this occasion, we will visit a house with beautiful natural beauty in the suburbs! One of the preferred Architect, Not only has the blue sky wide open and green, there is also a cozy wooden home space, people will soon fall in love with this scene and tend to not want to leave.

Elegant Home Furnishings

When we entered this house, in front of us was a modest two-story house. The exterior walls are made in warm colors, with a quiet dark gray roof, creating an elegant appearance.

The large green area in front of the house and the Japanese garden combined with blue skies and white clouds, creating a scene that you will always miss.

View from the Indoor

Upon entering the room, you can enjoy the living room with wood material as the main material. Ceilings, walls, floors, and furnishings radiate a warm home atmosphere in the same style.

A large French-style window from floor to ceiling gives you the chance to enjoy the beautiful recreation of your home garden, More specifically, you can experience a good life.

Turning to another room, we saw layered interior design. The height of the ceiling is high, allowing the design with the use of multiple floor heights that are connected to each other. This creates different environments and living spaces also forming a unique atmosphere within the home.

Below the elevated floor, the remaining space is also designed to store display items, showing the tough designer’s ingenuity.

Other Perspectives

From another perspective, we can observe the pattern of open space that not only connects the living room, dining room and kitchen, but there are also doors and high spaces that make the whole house more open, airy and bring a better atmosphere of life!


Designers use this small space as a versatile studio. There is a row of locker shelves on the left side that can store large quantities of goods.

The presence of a set of light tables and chairs equipped with light / reading lamps forms a comfortable corner for residents to enjoy a quiet and comfortable atmosphere, not to be disturbed when the need for work arises. A dream private space always awaits you.

The atmosphere of the Night

When night comes, under the blue sky is a beautiful house that emits soft light. The warm, gentle light design, like the hugs of family members, illuminates this house so you will not be able to resist it.

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